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Body transformations prove that a system works. But they always seem a little too good to be true. The Transformation Challenge is going to prove that not only are big changes possible, but they can happen seriously fast. Here’s your chance to star in your own before and after transformation… and some, will win it for FREE.

How does it work? ​You take the CF Challenge and you track your progress with one pic per day. At the end of the month the best 3 transformations will get refunded in full. If you used a CF Food Box (, we will refund that too. So all you gotta do, is work hard, transform your body, and we will pick up the bill.

The Challenge begins on Sunday Feb 24th.


If you have any questions, download the PDF, or send us a Whatsapp. And if you want to sign up, fill in the information below:

Please input details carefully. Errors mean we cannot sign you up.