• Phil

Differences Matter

There are hundreds of workouts in Dubai, and they all follow a very familiar formula… You go in, you work out, you leave.

And because the core service is essentially the same, companies fight to differentiate themselves from the competition. Some have great social media, some affiliate with famous faces, some are big on toilets, towels and smoothie bars.

What do all of the above have in common? NONE OF THEM GET YOU RESULTS.

If you want a pair of jeans, you go to Diesel, you buy a pair of jeans. The service SOLVES the problem. In fitness, the opposite is true.

You want results, so you go to a fitness class, and you’re given a load of things that do not get results. The service does NOTHING to solve the problem.

Circuit Factory is different. Of course we kick your butt, but we put our resources into providing you with things that actually get results. Our Challenge is a ruthlessly practical set of tools to help you shed excess weight in the fastest possible times. This system has helped tens of thousands of people to lose life-changing amounts of weight.

On top of all this, we can now actually deliver your food to your door. You used to have to train hard and then avoid all the traps and pitfalls of the toxic food environment. Every meal was a battle of will. What to eat, where to eat, and how much to eat are now no longer concerns as you just eat what’s in the Food Box.