• Phil

Sugar Ain't the Problem

We have been attacking types of food for as long as we've been selling it. John Harvey Kellogg of cereal fame was once a seriously respected nutritional voice. He claimed that protein poisoned the colon, and promoted masturbation. His cure was a pint of yoghurt - half down the front, and half up the back. Would you pay a small fortune to have half a pint of yoghurt squirted up your anus? His long-term solution to protein was, of course, processed carbs aka "Corn Flakes." 

We establish a food enemy and then throw everything at it - as if that one nutrient is the cause of all of our problems. Protein, carbs, fats, and salt have all had their time in the firing line. More recently however, it's sugar. But the fly to the oint is this: Sugar is NOT the problem.

For sure it's nasty. It has no nutritional benefit and in excessive quantities, it depresses your mind, rots your teeth, slams your heart, and feeds your cancers, but it isn’t the bad guy. Why? Because if it was, simply removing sugar from the equation would fix the problem... But it would not.

Portion sizes are 3-4 times larger than they were in the 1950s - a ceasar salad from Cheesecake Factory has 1450 calories, or 3 big macs worth of calories. What does that have to do with sugar? Nothing, but it’s a problem. Trans-fats are demonstrably lethal. Nothing to do with sugar. Our food has been infiltrated with chemistry that none of us really understand. Nothing to do with sugar. It’s not sugar, protein, carbs, fats, salt, or gluten. These are the strawmen that have been erected to protect the castle, and the castle is fake food.