• Phil

The Art of Counting Calories

Does counting calories work? Yes. Should you do it? NO.

That makes precious little sense. If something works, why wouldn’t you do it? There are several good reasons NOT to adopt calorie counting as you hunt for the body of a Trojan.

Reasons not to count calories

Good reason #1 – Counting calories isn't a long-term plan

It’s completely unsustainable. In the last 15 years, I have never met a human being who permanently counts their calories. I have met thousands of people who have managed for a few weeks, and in the most stubborn cases, a few months, but I know not one single person who has made it much farther than that - certainly no one who does it full time. There’s a very good scientific reason for this….

COUNTING CALORIES IS A PAIN IN THE ARSE. 300 calories of carbohydrate each day??! How long is that going to last? Counting calories is a technique for achieving a certain look for a specific moment in time (think hyper-tanned men on stage, bedecked in orange budgie-smugglers, getting ogled and scored by other men). Using maths (or as the American’s would say “math”) to calculate din dins isn’t long-term solution, but therein lies the problem: you and