• Phil


Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Lordy lord, Dubai is an expensive place to hang one’s hat. When you live in Dubai, you can vacate to almost anywhere, and actually save money. You know that face you make when you do a disgusting shot of tequila? That’s me at the cash register. A couple of f*cking blueberries? That’ll be 10 f*cking Dollars please. What the fuckerty fuck? It’s like being stung by a wasp – it doesn’t kill you, but boy does it hurt. Someone told me they spent 25 Dirhams on a small pot of yoghurt the other day. 8.5 Dollars for a small pot of Greek Yog, are you having a laugh? Some supermarche’s charge 3, 4… hold your breath. No.. Hold your danglies, FIVE TIMES the price of the same item back home. 500 HUNDRED PERCENT!!! Thank God we’re “tax free” – haha!

Great products are rare, but a great product that saves you money? Now that is rarer than a hair-dried steak. 

Our most expensive Food Box is 400 Dirhams per week. That’s 10 clean meals, and 5 days of food. I put it to you that you would struggle to beat 400 Dizzlers for 5 days of food. I will now take a moment to blast the first potential objection out of the water.

How can 10 meals represent 5 days of food? This is the beauty of the Food Box – it encourages you to eat less. And unless you’re underweight, anorexic, a bodybuilder, or a combination thereof, eating less is something we can all benefit from. If you’re thinking: “I couldn’t possibly survive on 2 meals a day,” riddle me this: how do the 1 billion Muslims get on when they fast during Ramadan? They struggle in the first few days, right? After that it’s no big deal, right? Am I right, or am I right, or am I RIGHT? Ramadan is the world’s largest empirical study that proves: THE BODY ADAPTS TO LESS FOOD EXTREMELY QUICKLY. You’ve trained your body to expect 3 meals a day, so how many times a day do you get hungry. Those morbidly obese men you see in American theme parks eat 5 or 6 times a day. Why? Because they have trained themselves to do so. If you can train it up, you can train it down. Hey, there is a new way, and it’s called 2 meals a day. Yay?

I took the Challenge last month, and ate 2 meals per day from the box.