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Intermittent Fasting Questions Answered

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Intermittent questions answered

I switched to 2 meals per day more than a year ago. The change has been extremely positive. It ain't no hyperbole to say that the switch to IF has been the best health decision I ever made. For most of us, two meals a day is a radically different approach to our food, and as such, can throw up a few quezzies. Quezzies I will now answer.

If you have any others, email them to info@circuitfactory.ae and we will try to include them in another blog post.

Q: What is it? 

A: It's a re-structuring of your eating patterns. You eat all your food in a designated time window, and outside of that window you fast. A good place to start is 10am-6pm - which is 8 hours of eating, and 16 fasting.

Q: What are the benefits? 

A: You’re eating less calories, so you'll lose weight / burn fat and feel lighter. Energy will be more stable throughout the day, as you won’t get the energy dump that often comes with digesting food. Some people report improved sleep, but mine is universally shoddy, so I've personally seen no changes here..

Q: Is it hard?

A: The first few days are quite tough - ask anyone who fasts for Ramadan. Once you're a week in it's easy.