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Intermittent Fasting Questions Answered

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

I switched to 2 meals per day more than a year ago. The change has been extremely positive. It ain't no hyperbole to say that the switch to IF has been the best health decision I ever made. For most of us, two meals a day is a radically different approach to our food, and as such, can throw up a few quezzies. Quezzies I will now answer.

If you have any others, email them to info@circuitfactory.ae and we will try to include them in another blog post.

Q: What is it? 

A: It's a re-structuring of your eating patterns. You eat all your food in a designated time window, and outside of that window you fast. A good place to start is 10am-6pm - which is 8 hours of eating, and 16 fasting.

Q: What are the benefits? 

A: You’re eating less calories, so you'll lose weight / burn fat and feel lighter. Energy will be more stable throughout the day, as you won’t get the energy dump that often comes with digesting food. Some people report improved sleep, but mine is universally shoddy, so I've personally seen no changes here..

Q: Is it hard?

A: The first few days are quite tough - ask anyone who fasts for Ramadan. Once you're a week in it's easy. 

Q: The Holy Grail mentions 3 meals and 2 snacks, is this now invalid?

A: No. The “conventional” route has been followed with great success for many years. IF is just an alternative path to the same destination.

Q: What about breakfast being the most important meal of the day?

A: Often times, when everyone says the same thing, we just accept it as fact, and don't bother to test the veracity of the claim. I implore you to test the claim. You may find you don't actually need it to function just fine; I certainly did. You can find more information about why we feel this way in our blog 'Breakfast...do you even need it?'

Q: I train in the morning, can I still intermittent fast?

A: Absolutely. I always train in the morning, and my first meal is usually around 12-2pm.

Q: If I don’t eat, where will I get the energy to workout?

A: Recently digested food isn’t the body’s only source of energy. We all have a readily available layer of energy underneath our skin. The energy for your morning workout will literally come from your fat arse.

Q: Should I be eating larger meals while IF?

A:In my experience, when you IF, you can get away with eating a bit more, because you’re body will burn it up during your fasting hours. As with all things, listen to your body and let your stomach guide you. Eat until you’re satisfied = yes. Eat until you're a beached whale = no.

Q: If I don't eat protein immediately after exercise, will my muscles shrink?

A: I certainly believed that myself, but when I began fasting, I didn’t shrink. In fact, less a few pounds, I’m the same weight now as I as was when I began.

Q: I’m trying to gain weight, should I try it?

A: No. Bulking up requires increasing food intake, and IF tends to reduce it.

Q: When I wake up, I’m starving. What should I do?

A: 1) Go for a run (or do a quick 5 minute blast) - your appetite will disappear. After a few days, you’ll find the appetite is gone, with or without the running. 2) Eat breakfast and skip dinner instead. 2 meals a day is 2 meals a day - you can skip breakfast, or dinner.

Q: I do CF at 7pm, and I’m starving after, can I Intermittent Fast?

A: Yes. You can eat after CF, and still IF. I fast from 6pm to midday because it suits my schedule, but this guy eats all his meals between 2pm and 10pm, and he doesn’t look too bad on it. Adjust your eating window to suit your lifestyle.

Q: Do I have to give up my morning coffee?

A: Strictly speaking, you should, but in my experience, it's not that important - as long as that coffee is... well, a coffee, and not the equivalent of a hamburger in a Starbucks cup.

Q: I am using Food Boxes, but I want to try intermittent fasting?

A: A Food Box is perfect for IF because it has 2 meals per day, and when you settle into it, you'll eat about 2 meals per day. If you want more info on them, go to www.cf.kitchen

Q: I’m pregnant, can I do intermittent fasting? 

A: Probably not. I don’t think it’s a good time to start something like this. Speak to a doctor, but it’s highly likely, he will agree with me.

Q: I have a food deficiency, can I still Intermittent Fast?

A: Again, I would talk to a doc. My intuition tells me that it’s probably not a good idea for you to restrict food if you’re already deficient in something, but, each case is different, so go and see a specialist and prepare to have you wallet raped.

I sincerely hope you all give this a crack. Honestly... the best dietary decision I have ever made. Fasting de-fangs food.

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