• Phil

Hunger while Fasting

I’m really finding it hard to stay full whilst intermittent fasting. I find myself wanting to snack between my two meals. The snacks aren’t always the healthiest choices because I’m so hungry. Any suggestions as to how I can curb my hunger?

This is actually a 2-part question.

Second part first - plan better. I imagine you're eating crap because it's closer to hand when hunger becomes unbearable. If you had something healthy in a tupperware box, you might not need the junk. Now...

DEALING WITH HUNGER: Many people see hunger as an inherent evil that must be vanquished the moment it grumbles the tum <----- Those people are usually 10 Kilos overweight. Could you possibly reframe hunger? Erase the red horns and replace with a gleaming halo? After all, the benefits of intermittent fasting do come from the fasting. When you're hungry, your body is undergoing a whole host of positive changes. You're adapting to less food (healthy), you're limiting your caloric intake (healthy), you're doing a lot of things to your blood, brain and heart that science confirms is... (healthy), and you're forcing your body to find alternative energy sources (e.g. booty fat). If you hold the above in your cortex when hunger strikes it might defang the experience somewhat?