• Phil


Updated: Nov 14, 2018

I want to say a few more words on Intermittent fasting as my last blog was written when I was green to the practice. Now I’m 5 months in, I want to give you an update on what been happening.

First, a quick refresher. Intermittent fasting is spending a large chunk of your day without food. Thus eating your daily meals in a smaller period of time. One might take their last meal at 6pm, then take breakfast at 10am, eating regularly until 6pm. This is 16 hours, and an example of intermittent fasting.

So after 5 months…

Lesson 1. I’ve gained a far greater control over food than I ever thought possible. It is now easy for me to follow a 6pm/10am routine. The small hunger I used to feel in the evenings before bed has gone. Similarly, in the morning time, I used to be ravenous at 6am – this hunger has now dissipated away. I can eat, or I can abstain. I can hold breakfast until midday with absolutely no difficulty. 16, 17, 18 hours or more is now a piece of cake. A piece of cake I have absolutely no inclination to eat, thanks to intermittent fasting.

In the past, I would be hungry at my alarm, and I would feel the same hunger before every meal and snack. That hunger often bought with it the urge to eat less than saintly foods. This is all gone. Poof. (That’s a sound effect, not Elton John).

I won’t say I no longer feel hunger, but the hunger I feel today has far less power. My hunger is now unsullied (GOT reference there).

I am genuinely delighted at the level of control I have achieved regarding food.

Lesson 2. When I started intermittent fasting, I ate huge breakfasts. By 10am, having been nil by mouth for 16 hours, I was starving, and told myself I