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How I Lost A Stone And Got Ripped In A Few Weeks

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Injuries are b*stards. When they go on for 6 months and take out both your shoulders, they are superb*stards. 4 weeks ago, I wasn't in my best shape. The sky wasn’t falling, but I did look like a bus driver from Luton, so when my shoulders finally decided to play ball, I knew that it was time to make a change.

I spend so much time chewing people’s ears off about how great Circuit Factory is, this seemed like a great opportunity to prove it. I readily admit that before and afters are a bit cheesy, but they still deserve your attention because above all else, they are the EVIDENCE that something works. As my late grandmother always told me (the one with the false leg) - "The proof of the pudding is in the 4 half-naked selfies taken one week apart."

So I went on a mission to prove that my beloved CF works… better than anything else out there.


First of all, a la Tony Robbins, I made my commitment public… A bit of positive pressure to keep myself on the righteous path. So I popped onto the social meeds and posted this:

As mentioned above, I took the “Challenge+.” Stripped down to its Calvins the Challenge+ is a combination of CF classes and a CF Food Box. The workouts are great - if you don’t believe me, try one - but as we all know:

"it's 80% food."

And this was no different. My metamorphosis from Lutoninan Bus Navigator to Rippling Fitness Instructor took place because of the Food Box of food that arrived on my door step every Saturday. The boring logistics of it is that it's 10 meals - 5 breakfasts and 5 dinners - bagged up and ready to cook, but the exciting part is that all I had to do to transform my body - in incredibly fast timescales - was eat the food in the box.  

I used intermittent fasting to live comfortably on two meals a day. If you’re thinking “I couldn’t survive on 2 meals per day,” with the greatest respect, you’re probably wrong. It doesn't work for everybody, but it does for the overwhelming majority. The appetite adjusts to less food incredibly quickly. Watch this. So the formula that shed a stone of body fat and got me ripped in 4 weeks is as follows:

Training + Intermittent Fasting + Food Box

Now this next bit is going to sound a bit instafromage, but I did one more thing that seriously helped me: I took a picture of myself each day. The simple act of snapping a selfie of maselfie kept me on track better than anything I have experienced. Perhaps it is the power of unbridled vanity, but there is something deeply motivational about witnessing your own transformation unfolding right before your eyes. You just don't want to let your ever-increasing jpeg battalion down.

So often people struggle to get in shape, and I don't want to undermine their hardship, but I do want to state with categorical vim that this whole process was really rather simple. At no point in the month did I count calories, worry about macronutrients, or feel like I was in a food prison. Everything just flowed.

Let’s be honest, we all want results - this is the reason why we are here. I cannot overstate just how powerful this formula is in generating results. Look at my pictures. Yes, the final snap did benefit from a massive overhead gym light, but you can clearly see the changes that took place. And it isn't just me... These changes are available to ANYONE who wants them. Look at smelly little Alisha. She did the CF / Food Box formula and guess what happened?

The genius of this system is that it maps out everything you need, thus removing the decisions that often rely on will power. It’s these decisions that so often thrust that massive stick 'tween the spokes on your wheel of progress.

The reason I write this blog is because on Feb 24th, we are offering the above system to everyone. We’re calling it the CF Transformation Challenge. If you want to lose a bit of weight, or a lot of weight, or give yourself a total body transformation, watch the video below.

Much love, Phil

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