• Phil

Formliness is next to Godliness

It’s OK, you can admit it – the pre-class demos bore you shitless. “Keep your feet flat, your chest proud, and your butt down.” Like the undertaker looking at dead body, you’ve heard these words so many times, they no longer hold any meaning. Now they just drift over your ears, much like farts beneath your nose – the sun-baked charms of that weird and wonderful alley. (If you’re a Quozer, you know).

If it’s boring, unpopular, and largely ignored, why do we cling to form with such zeal? Why don’t we just let it go?

Before I answer that question, I want to give my thoughts on the why of bad form. Why does it exist and persist? If we can find the root cause of our kinetic transgressions, we will surely be in a better position to remedy them?

– Just plain laziness. If it’s your first rodeo, poor form is perfectly understandable, however most people cannot claim that as an excuse. If you’ve heard the technique 10, 20, 200 times, and you squat like you’re bracing for impact on an Airbus A380, then more effort is required to untangle your wayward spine.