• Phil

Fad or Fact: The Keto Diet

Over the past 40 years, a chain reaction of events starting with the discovery of food processing has led to a worldwide obesity crisis like never before. The food industry primes us to eat more, but the media industry has us on the pursuit of rock-hard abs and buns of steel. These conflicting messages have fueled a 66 billion Dollar dieting industry in the US alone. There are hundreds and thousands of companies, brands and people making money out of these diets and the sad part is that they’re all smoke and mirrors.

Today, we’re diving into what could be considered the OG of yo-yo diets. It was first known as the Banting Diet, but later re-branded into the Atkins Diet. Nowadays, you’ll most-likely know it as the Ketogenic Diet.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Keto Diet is extremely high in fat and extremely low in carbohydrates. And when I say “extremely”, I’m not taking that word lightly. The average person gets around 50% of their daily energy from carbohydrates. On the other hand, someone following the Keto Diet only gets around 10% from carbs. So you’re pretty much cutting out an entire food in the pursuit of “getting shredded”.

Without even getting into the technicals of ketosis and all that BS, I’m going to explain why it’s just another fad yo-yo diet due to two simple reasons: (1) It’s unnecessary, and (2) it’s unsustainable.