• Phil

Crossing that Bridge

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Generally speaking, there are two types of people we see in CF.

TYPE ONE is the person who is bought in by the need to do something about their body. Too many unsuccessful trips to the mirror has fuelled an urgent fitness resurgence.

Theirs is a specific project that needs to be completed. I am out of shape, and I feel lousy about it, so when I get back into shape, I will feel good, so I can carry on as normal.They’ve bounced around enough classes to appreciate the thought and attention to detail that has been built into the CF system, so they enjoy the experience. Type One’s will say things like: “I’ve never been so motivated,” which is, of course, a positive sign, but on the inside, they are waging a constant battle with their destructive lazy self. Travel, sickness, birthdays, work – every social responsibility poses an existential threat to their current fitness health kick. One too many bumps in the road, and you find them in a ditch, covered in cake. And even if they don’t get ditched, once their project is complete – that is to say when the mirror returns a more pleasing image, they’re off… into the night, to start the cycle anew. Visits to the CF become increasingly sparse. Nutritional standards, increasingly lax. The bathroom scales begin to creak once more.

TYPE TWO is the person that – whatever the weather – keeps a consistent 4-5 sessions per week – every week. The road bumps that would take a Type One out for months pose no significan