• Phil


Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Herewith I enclose an update on a CF'ers current pooping situation.

I think most people would benefit from skipping breakfast. Now before I rail against “the most important meal of the day,” let’s list the usual arguments, fired from the pro-breakfast canon:

  • Breakfast gets the metabolism going, and skipping it damages your metabolic rate, hence, you will gain weight.

  • You’ll lose muscle mass and end up looking like a withered prune. You may even be described as “scrote-like.”

  • Without breakfast, you’ll have no energy to workout.

  • Without breakfast, you’ll be permanently hungry, which will ultimately lead to extreme eating habits, usually involving a 24-hour McDonald’s.

Who doesn’t love a bit of conventionally accepted wisdom? I laboured under the above “wisdom” for 37 years, until one day I made an interesting discovery… (caps lock engage). NONE OF IT WAS TRUE.

I began Intermittent Fasting (eating all my food between 12pm and 6pm) about one year ago, and I have to say, it took my nutritional perspectives by the shoulders, and gave them a bloody good shake. [I’ve written a few blogs about IF – if you want to check them out, click here or here.) Back to the plot… I’d now like to compare the conventional wisdom with my empirical findings.