same spirit. 



How do I sign up a NEXTGEN member?

 What is the format of the class?

 What is the class capacity?

 What is required for the class?

A high-energy, cardio group class designed specifically for the next generation of CFers! 

CF NEXT GEN classes are just like Circuit Factory cardio classes. Classes start with active & dynamic stretching, followed by a longer warm-up period (up to 10 mins). The main circuit is 20 active minutes maximum, and the setup is different every time. Appropriate breaks will be given during the main circuit, before the cooldown & static stretching. 


The maximum capacity is currently 24. 

A towel and some water. 

WhatsApp us on +971 50 416 6039 or email us to and we will register you for the classes!

 What is CF NEXTGEN?

 What is the timetable of the CF NEXTGEN classes?


Friday 26th - 11.45am FREE CLASS

Saturday 27th - 11.45am FREE CLASS


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Pricing and Memberships

We currently have a AED349.- promotion for unlimited Training during DECEMBER!

Alternatively each class cost is AED49.-

For more information, contact us on

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Founded in Dubai in 2011, The Circuit Factory is a group exercise class that focuses on burning fat and building strength. The workouts are a fun, challenging way to push yourself to burn as many calories as possible, increase stamina, reduce stress and achieve fitness goals in record timings.

The Circuit Factory has helped hundreds of people change their lifestyle across the Middle East.



NextGen classes are 45 minute workouts, which include warm up, circuits and stretching. Every class is different, so youngsters can smash a huge amount of calories every time they train.


All our classes are designed to suit kids of all fitness levels and abilities, regardless of age or physical limitations.



It’s not just the training, but the community that we build.

Many of our members have been with us since our first classes and have made us witness of their achievements.

Members that became friends, and family.


Being part of the Black&Yellow squad is seriously addictive!



Circuit Factory is well known for transforming thousands of people 's bodies, fitness and lives, from a friendly approach.

Our trainers are highly qualified and will boost the confidence of everyone that walks into our training grounds.

We keep rediscovering opportunities to keep helping the communities to grow healthier and fitter.

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