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Take The Mini Challenge, Physically or Virtually.



The Mini Challenge is a two-week commitment that burns fat and builds fitness in the fastest time possible.

You take a minimum of four classes per week, and choose one or ALL of our Mini Challenge goals to complete in the two weeks.

By taking the two week Challenge, committing to the goals and following the process, you can expect a body transformation.

















Not only will you lose weight, but also get fit, have more energy and feel great.



Sunday, 21st February 2021


You will select one or all of the goals listed below for the next two weeks, stick to it and complete four Circuit Factory classes each week.

1. BE FASTER 🏃🏼‍♀️

Beat your personal best in every class and commit to being fitter at the end of the Mini Challenge.  Take the Fitness Test at the beginning and end and aim to beat your score


Commit to two weeks of NO JUNK and clean eating. Pick at least one CF recipe a day from a selection of CF’s favourite clean and scrummy recipes.


Tone up and show us your physical progress.  Document your body transformation with confidential selfie photos for 14 days.

4. LOSE WEIGHT 🏋️‍♀️
Lose weight for a period of 14 days. Burn as many calories as you can.  Get on the scales at the start and end of the Mini Challenge and document your results.

Disclaimer: You will note that goals 3 and 4 may not be possible unless you commit to goals 1 and 2 so we recommend you just select them all! 😊😊


Our aim is to deliver amazing RESULTS :

Weight loss, increased energy and building fitness endurance. Our Black and Yellow tribe will be on hand to support you throughout the two weeks.


More importantly, The Mini Challenge will help you adopt a healthier lifestyle as we will be guiding you on healthy food habits and making exercise part of your routine.


Just take a look at a handful of our members who took The Challenge.

 How do I sign-up? 

Submit your information by filling in the form. We will then contact you to answer all of your questions and get you ready for the start date.

 How much does it cost? 

If you are a full member or have valid credits,

participating in the Mini-Challenge is free.

 What is the Food Guide? 


The fundamentals of basic nutrition that will help plan your food and meals accordingly, as well as an outrageously delicious set of CF recipes. Carnivore or veggie, we have got you covered.

 Do I need to take pictures and measurements? 

Absolutely yes, this will encourage you and keep you motivated throughout The Mini Challenge. You don’t need to share it with us, but they are welcomed if you feel comfortable in doing so.

 What are the next steps after I sign-up for the challenge? 

Make sure that our email ID, hq@circuitfactory.ae is marked as safe as you will receive an email with all the details. Keep an eye on your inbox and junk mail.





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