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What is the Circuit Factory?

It’s an exercise class - a seriously good one.

Why is it so good?

It’s good because it concerns itself with one thing and one thing only; getting you results. That is our one and only concern. We won’t try to sell you a protein shaker. We’re not going to try to win your custom by halving our prices. We aren’t cross promoting with a gym chain. We aren’t sponsored by Reebok or Adidas, because none of that stuff gets you results and therefore has no place at TCF. We provide you with a clean, efficient and most important, effective exercise solution that strips fat off your body and makes you incredibly fit; and that’s it.

Is this for really fit people?

No, absolutely not. Some people are incredibly fit and some people are incredibly unfit. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at, the outcome of regular visits to The Circuit Factory will always be the same; increased cardiovascular fitness and decreased levels of body fat. The best thing is, the results will happen fast. To give you an example, we just completed the August Fitness challenge in which 17 people lost 128 pounds (58Kgs) – That was in four weeks. If you looked at that weight as a chunk of body fat, you would hit the floor. Click here to see their journey.

Is it full of bronzed gods?

No – CF attendees look like normal people; not magazine cover models. We come in all shapes and sizes with a single aesthetical commonality – We are all getting smaller!!

I’m ridiculously unfit; is there a beginner’s class?

No, everyone trains together.

But how can I be expected to compete with someone who is really fit?

You’re not; you are competing against just one person - yourself. Your most important goal in a Circuit Factory session is to be better than the time before. If you genuinely give your best efforts to achieve this, you will see results in your body you never thought possible.

I still don’t get how fit people can train with beginners?

Trust us… It happens every time we put on a session. Every movement has a beginner and an advanced modification; you do the move that suits you best. Furthermore, everyone works at their own pace; if your fitness levels are low, then you simply work a bit slower / perform less reps. One of our slogans is: “If you are super fit, you will leave exhausted. If you are a total newbie, you will leave exhausted.”

But I’m lazy and I find it hard to motivate myself. If I work to my own pace, I won’t do very much.

We have an answer to this; it’s called TCF trainers. We don’t stand on a stage and instruct from afar, we are right there alongside you (sometimes we’re in your face), pushing you to work harder, encouraging you to reach your limits.

Do I need to be good at exercise?

No, not at all. We will teach you everything you need to know.

But I’m shit at learning

Don’t care - this isn’t rocket science; you will learn.

I’m worried I’ll make myself look like an idiot.

One of the beauties of TCF is that everyone gets on with their own workout. No one is concerned or bothered with what you are doing except the trainers and they have seen it all a hundred times before. No one gives a shit if you mess up, the only thing we care about is that you don’t give up.

It sounds really good, but I’m still scared.

That’s a perfectly natural reaction; this is a big deal for you. You have to figure out whether you are going to let that fear stop you from getting something you really want. If you are, then we cannot help you; you might as well stop reading now. If you’re willing to do this, let’s get started.

What does a regular class look like?

You start with a timed run.

But I can’t run.

It doesn’t matter. Running is like everything in life; practice and you will get better. Every time you come to class, you do a run; and at the start you will hate it, but each time, you will get a little bit better. In four weeks you will be running in a way you never thought possible.

What’s next?

After the run, comes the Circuit Training. The CF team set up 10 exercises in a sequence. You spend one minute on each station before moving onto the next. After 10 minutes, you take a break; the trainers change the exercises and you go through it again. You complete 3 circuits and then do some dirty little moves at the end on what is affectionately known as “the Beastline.”

Is it hard?

Yes. Every session at The Circuit Factory is very challenging; it has to be hard in order for it to work. Jogging on a treadmill for an hour listening to Backstreet Boys’ Greatest Hits might be more pleasant, but it’s a waste of time. Think about this - If we gave you the choice of hard with results or easy with no results, what would you choose?

Will Circuit Factory give me big muscles?

No. All the exercises are high repetitions and low weights. Muscles will become stronger, more toned and more efficient, but they will not grow in size.

This sounds tough; I think I’m going to do some exercise to prepare my body for this.

No no no no no!!! We hear this all the time. The fastest way to get your body used to it is to do it; this is absolutely the fastest way to get from A to B. You will never train as hard on your own as you will at CF. Just throw yourself in at the deep end and we promise you will swim.

Your marketing says: “more effective than a personal trainer, ¼ of the cost” - This is nonsense right?

Wrong. Do a CF class and tell us if you have ever worked out to that level before. We have devised a format where we can get you working very hard for the majority of an hour. Very very few personal trainers can say they do that with their clients. I’ve been a Personal Trainer for years; without sounding too arrogant, I’m one of the better trainers around. I freely admit that my one-on-ones are not as effective as Circuit Factory. The energy, the music, the format and the trainers – They all come together to make something very special. If this all sounds a little vague, why don’t you come for a free trial; at the end, I’m sure we will be in agreement.

Can I get a monthly membership?

Regrettably not; apart from the Fitness Challenge, we don’t do package deals.

What is the Fitness Challenge?

You are here because you want results, and there is no faster way to get them than the Circuit Factory Fitness Challenge. It’s a one-month contract between yourselves and us that commits you to hard exercise and clean diet; the combination of which generates massive results. We measure your body, your weight and your fitness on day one. You then promise to train a set number of times per week and follow The Circuit Factory diet. We also give you aily exercises to complete; the famous TCF “breakfast.” At the end of the month, you will look and feel like a different person. You will of course weigh less; you will have lost inches of fat across your body; you will be stronger, faster and fitter than ever before.

Do I have to do the Fitness Challenge?

No. You can either sign up for the Fitness Challenge at the start of the month, or you can drop in for classes whenever you want.

Are you on Facebook?

Yes; pretty much every aspect of The Circuit Factory is in some way linked to our Facebook Group. We share advice, announce time changes, give away free classes, run competitions, post blogs and videos. It’s a wealth of information that will push you towards your goal. On top of this, Facebook gives us the community aspect. People simply achieve more when they are part of a group. If there is one genuinely constructive thing you do on Facebook,
I don’t use Facebook, I like Twitter.
Good for you.

I really struggle with food.

Well then you will never get in shape. I’m sorry to break it to you, but if your goal is a great looking physique and you aren’t prepared to sort your diet, you will not succeed. You are welcome to train here and get super fit and get the internal benefits of exercise, but if you want the physical change, you won’t get it without a clean diet. In the quest to achieve a beautiful body, food is 70-80% of the battle. I know I am going on about this but this is because so many people go wrong with food. A girl trained with us 24 times in one month and didn’t lose one gram of body weight. The next month she trained 21 times, fixed her diet and dropped 14 pounds. If you think that just because The Circuit Factory is a super tough exercise class, you can eat what you like, you are deluded. YOU CANNOT OUT-TRAIN A BAD DIET. If you don’t know what a clean diet looks like, The Circuit Factory diet is absolutely outstanding for shedding unwanted pounds; you can find it on

I’m hearing a lot about weight loss, is the Circuit Factory just for overweight people?

No way. The two things that Circuit Factory does very well is burn fat and make you incredibly fit. You should therefore consider the Circuit Factory if you want to lose weight or if you want to achieve an incredible level of fitness.

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